Thursday, December 22, 2011

Momoh, PRCAN, others mourn Opubor


THE death of the great communications scholar, Prof. Alfred Opubor, continued yesterday to attract tributes .

Former Information Minister, Tony Momoh, said : “Opubor’s death is a tragic loss to the communications industry. He has left a good legacy that every communicator should follow. He has influenced communications students at all levels that I am aware of. In my days as minister of information, he helped in development and restructuring of mass communications departments. Because of the work he has done both in Nigeria and Africa we miss him.”

According to the Vice President and Secretary General of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), Chido Nwakanma and John Ehiguese respectively, “Opubor was not only the first Nigerian professor of mass communications and first man in Africa to earn a doctorate degree in communications, but he brought panache and distinction to the communications profession. He taught many generations of mass communications professionals who proudly bear the imprint of his ministration as a teacher.

“PRCAN counts in its fold many public relations professionals who benefitted from the tutelage of Prof. Opubor. The pioneer Chairman of the News Agency of Nigeria not only taught but helped to develop platforms and paradigms of best practice across the mass communications fields of journalism, advertising, public relations and development communications. We pray God to console his family and the nation.”

A former colleague of Opubor at Radio Nigeria in the 60’s, Benson Idonije, said : “He was a good writer, articulate and brilliant in all his contributions to the mass communications genre.” humble and assuming, his death is a great lost to the to us as communicators.”

Professor of Communication, Lai Oso, said “is a big lost to all of us, he was a role model to a good number of us even as my lecturer. We have lost a giant to the Mass communication school not only in Nigeria alone but the entire Africa at large.

For Sobowale. “Is a great lost to me, three months back we talked but there was no sign that that was the last I would hear from him. At the moment we have concluded arrangement to host a conference in honour of him before the news of his death. Is a lost to Nigeria and to other parts of the world’s academia even as valuable contributor to the to the international community. We miss him and his impact to the mass communication.

Tunde Akanni. “It came at a time not expected, so shocking and devastating, is a man so loved in the academia. He is a mentor, teacher, opinion leader, he is not in the conservatives that would not want to be involved in the growth of the young once rather he gives every necessary advice to grow every upcoming broadcasters. He is one of the few you can relate with, always available to help one move on with life. His death is a great lost for all of us, I pray we see another like him.

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