Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anagbado’s Spontinism Of Functional Art


WITH a series of products dubbed Ivie, illustrator and founder, Lizaad Creative Arts company, Chuma Anagbado is set to experiment a new art form, he tags Spontinism.
   The new form, he disclosed, is largely indigenous and cultural, noting that, “it is my own creation inspired by the art of my people. They are basic illustrations, very simple and not too detailed, but they still send across as much message as a detailed drawing would. You can call it line drawing if you want.  This type of art is generally grouped in the genre known as “urban art.”
  Anagbado further explained that beyond aesthetics, Spontinism works better as functional art. And for the exhibition, which was opened last weekend at Get Arena, Victoria Island, Lagos, two products: handmade T-shirts and framed artworks, were on display.
  But for the subsequent show, “we will diversify to include more products such as Jeanswear, shoes, hand bags, furniture etc,” he said.
  The Fine and Applied Arts graduate from the University of Benin continued, “We intend to use these illustrations to create clothing items, like making impressions on shirts, shoes, jewelry, we intend to use them on ceramics, porcelain or other ornaments and just about anything we can lay our hands on. The whole idea is to give life to those illustrations such that they become iconic and symbols of reference. This is just the first in a series of expositions we would be holding and we hope to push boundaries with Spontinism.
  Curiously, in Anagbado’s experimentation, light, probably because of its functional nature, is optimally explored as against the use of colour and space. But in certain instances, a number of his illustrations are tied around geographical boundaries and happenings.
  Among the ‘illustrated cities’ in his collection are Abuja, Benin City, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Warri. He also touches on national issues including the current scourge of terrorism ravaging the Northern part of the country. 

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