Friday, July 13, 2012

French Made Easy in print


FOR lecturers, teachers and students of French in universities, secondary and primary schools, as well as representatives in international communities, missionary schools and all classes of people who want to learn the French language afresh, there is now relief.
  In his book, French Made Easy, the author George Simeon, makes learning French both interesting and fun, as his graphic representation of the main facts through Key Points makes it easy for learners to follow the structure of the language couched in a simple elementary manner.
  The skillful and meticulous presentation and treatment of the subject is self-explanatory, and will help leaners solve problems relating to reading, writing and speaking of French in a relaxing way.
  Also, the author’s clear articulation of the subject matter and the presentation of facts undoubtedly stem from his wealth of experience as a teacher of French language. The 74-paged educational material serves as a lecture note and comes useful even without the help of a tutor. 
 French Made Easy comes highly recommend to all classes of French leaners, starting from beginners.

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